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HAVVN JUS is a complex formulation of natural ingredients designed to provide full spectrum antioxidant protection. With 23 colorful superfoods, fruits, and herbs in JUS you know you are getting the best antioxidant supplement.

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HAVVN JUS Supplement Facts
Goji Berry

Goji Berry (Wolfberry) This bright, orange-red fruit has been traditionally used to support the immune system as well as to promote eye health*, plus it is an excellent source of Omegas 3 & 6, zeaxanthin and polysaccharides.

Sea Buckthorn Berry

Sea Buckthorn Berry These bright orange berries are hearty and rich in nutrients. Boasting more than 190 bio-active substances, sea buckthorn berries are widely recognized to revitalize skin tone and texture. It also provides gastrointestinal support and benefits.*

Reishi Mushroom

Reishi Mushroom Through its immunomodulatory and immunotherapeutic properties, reishi provides nutritional support for the liver and promotes a strong, healthy immune system.*

White Tea (decaffeinated)

White Tea (decaffeinated) White tea is made from very young tea leaves that are steamed immediately after harvest to deactivate polyphenol oxidase and increase catechins. They are believed to support cardiovascular health.*


Acerola Known for its vitamin C content—roughly 32 times the amount found in the equivalent form of orange juice— acerola provides an aggressive boost to the immune system.*


Prune Well recognized as a good source of fiber to support digestive health, prunes contain the natural laxative dihydrophenylisatin.*

Tart Cherry

Tart Cherry The sour or tart cherry is increasingly respected for its potent antioxidant potential*. Research shows that the Montmorency tart cherries used in Jus help support cardiovascular health and promote a healthy immune response.*


Green Tea [decaffeinated] Green tea leaves contain polyphenois and other antioxidats, but are more widely known for their use as a diet aid and for their ablility to boost natural energy.

Acai Berry

Açaí Berry This exotic, black-purple berry is a super-antioxidant, plus it contains protein, dietary fiber, and is a rich source of Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids.

Noni Fruit

Noni Fruit This renowned tropical fruit contains a broad array of phytochemicals including lignans, polysaccharides, flavonoids, catechins, and omega fatty acids.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Aloe Vera Aloe Vera juice includes more than 200 active compounds including 20 different minerals, 20 amino acids, and 12 distinct vitamins to support healthy digestion.

Aronia Berry

Aronia Berry This deep purple berry possesses a strong and tart flavor. Its dark pigmentation arises from dense concentrations of phenolic phytochemicals, especially anthocyanins.

Wild Blueberry

Wild Blueberry These dark-hued berries have long been recognized for their high antioxidant content and concentration of vitamin C. They also provide support for urinary tract and prostate health.*


Raspberry Rich in vitamin C and potent antioxidants such as polyphenols and anthocyanins, raspberries support the immune system and cardiovascular health.*


Strawberry This delicious fruit is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants.

Grape Skin

Grape Skin Taken from the nutient-rich skin of the fruit, it is a plentiful source of antioxidants, and a concentrated source of Resveratrol.


Mangosteen Helps maintain a healthy digestive system, plus the phytonutrients contained in the mangosteen— xanthones— may support increased longevity.*


Ginseng Ginseng contains the active compound ginsenosides, traditionally used to boost energy levels*. As an adaptogen, ginseng also works with the body to correct imbalances and keep the body functioning optimally.*

Grape Seed

Grape Seed Grape seed is known for its beneficial support of cardiovascular health and healthy inflammation response, plus it’s an abundant source of the well-researched anti-aging nutrient Resveratrol.*


Pomegranate Pomegranates are rich in antioxidant polyphenols and vitamin C, with significantly higher levels of antioxidants than red wine or green tea.*


Cranberry These berries are packed with vitamin C, phytochemicals, antioxidants, and other essential micronutrients, plus they play an important role in kidney and urinary tract health.*

Wild Bilberry

Wild Bilberry This fruit is rich in antioxidants such as quercetin and anthocyanin pigments. Bilberries are traditionally used to promote general capillary health and healthy eyesight.*


Apple Apples contain high quantities of fiber and are rich in pectin—which has been shown to promote cardiovascular health.*

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