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JUS Story

JUS is the most powerful antioxidants on the market. It's also in the newly emerging science of Epigenetics, we are learning that only 30% of our life’s health outcomes are predetermined by our genetic inheritance. The other 70% is decided by other factors:

It is now being clinically proven that these three factors change how our very DNA expresses itself and can lead to our health and well-being. At HAVVN, we are committed to finding better ways to live life to the fullest, and creating the irreplaceable health and wellbeing that so many are looking for today. HAVVN JUS is just one of the many solutions we offer as a solution to the problems of aging.

The foundation of a healthy diet is a complete spectrum of naturally sourced nutrients. That is why HAVVN JUS has been formulated to give your body a wide array of nutrients that your body needs for optimal health. There is no single superfruit, berry, or herb that gives the full gamut of core nutrients that are found in HAVVN JUS.

With a mega dose of resveratrol and the amplifying effects of our proprietary superpolyphenol blend, HAVVN JUS is an unparalleled youth-span tonic. With clinical trials showing profoundly positive impacts on health and well-being, resveratrol is a miracle substance that activates the SIRT1 gene and promotes youthful life extension. The ability of the superpolyphenols to increase the body’s own ability to utilize resveratrol guarantees you get the most efficacious results from our carefully crafted HAVVN JUS.

Havvn G.O Science

Guided by Science

HAVVN consulted with leading scientists from around the world in the formulation of HAVVN Gene Optimized Nutrition, including Dr. Ray Rodriguez of the UC Davis Center for Excellence in Nutritional Genomics.

Havvn G.O Lifestyle

Partnership with the UC Davis Center for Excellence in Nutritional Genomics

As part of our commitment to developing leading products that extend youth span across life span, HAVVN formed a partnership with the UC Davis Center for Excellence in Nutritional Genomics. This exciting partnership means that HAVVN contributes to the center in its pursuit of scientific discovery and breakthroughs related to the field of epigenetics and nutrigenomics. The center collaborates with HAVVN and advises us in our product development and testing. This relationship is a part of HAVVN’s commitment to create cutting edge and scientifically validated products.

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