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My family all takes Jus. Me, my husband, Emma our 11 year old and Noah our 6 year old. Before Jus we were always passing around any cold that we came in contact with.

We were always sick, especially in the winter time. Since taking Jus we can tell that our immune systems are so much healthier and stronger!! We have all noticed a huge difference from this cold and flu season to last year's.

Once thing I can say is that if I am not consistent with my Jus intake, I notice a difference. Our energy is better. My cholesterol has improved dramatically. We just feel better when we take our Jus consistently!

But it's what we don't see going on is our bodies that's the most important. I know that if we continue to take Jus we will have benefits that will affect the rest of our entire lives.

Thank you HAVVN!
Lisa and Jeff J

About a month ago, I hurt my back doing yoga. That morning I woke up and couldn't get out of bed because the pain was excruciating. I had to crawl to the bathroom. It was extremely painful. Thanks to the amazing healing power of Jus, I was up and walking again the next day. By the second day I didn't even need any pain medication. The super antioxidant blend helped reduce the inflammation dramatically.

Thank you Jus!
Stefani M

My husband and I have been taking jus since August of 2009 we both have noticed an increase in our energy levels also we have not had a cold or flu during the winter season like we usually do. I have diabetes and my A1c has lowered 1 point so far since being on jus, my high blood pressure has improved to. We won't go a day without taking jus. Hope this helps!

Judy M
Battle Ground, WA

I was on Mobic for my arthritis and it did take 90 days before I really saw results, but my hands are doing fantastic.. I love this product. I also recently worked in my yard ALL day. I am over 60 and so I know what to expect the next day... that would be I would be SO sore I would live on drugs for a few days.. I was so amazed that I did not even take an aspirin and still felt great. THANKS JUS.

Kathy T. Melba, Idaho.

JUS is the most powerful antioxidants on the market. It's also in the newly emerging science of Epigenetics, we are learning that only 30% of our life’s health outcomes are predetermined by our genetic inheritance.

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