A Natural Energy Boost

Posted by on 1/28/2014 to News
According to the American Psychological Association (APA), a 2011 study showed most Americans suffer from moderate to high stress and 44% have seen an increase over the past five years. In 2009, US News said, “Americans are 10 times as likely to have depression today as they were 60 years ago.” There is a connection between stress levels and depression. As these two studies show, the increase in stress has led to an increase in depression. “Who’s not stressed? That’s just life. Life is stress,” says Kathleen Hall, Founder of the Stress Institute in Atlanta. The APA says one reason for the increase in stress is that self-care isn’t a priority. “Only 40% of Americans rate their health as very good or excellent….Instead of managing stress in healthy ways, Americans are indulging in unhealthy behaviors.” Since this is the case for a majority of Americas, there needs to be a natural and health ways to reduce stress levels, thus reducing depression.

DETOX - It's good for your cells!

Posted by on 1/21/2014 to News
Detoxification means removing poisons from your body. When the toxins are tucked inside your cells, they interfere with the cellular chemistry and decrease your body’s energy production. When they come out of the cell, they come back in contact with the nerves. This irritates the nerves and you feel it! When you first let the toxin into your body, your body gave you a sign that something was wrong. Maybe you had a headache or a runny nose. By ignoring that sign or taking some kind of medication to “cure” the symptom, you weren’t allowing your body to heal itself.